Seeking Serenity


A provocative and practical look at modern stress that offers an empowering new message: Stress can serve as a guide to living our happiest and healthiest lives.  

Here, stress columnist Amanda Enayati challenges our long-held assumptions about stress, painting a groundbreaking picture of what is commonly referred to as the plague of modern life. Weaving together stories, research from science, history, philosophy and ancient faiths, and everyday exercises, she presents ten revolutionary principles that help us differentiate between destructive and constructive stress, and to master stress in the everyday by learning how to:

• Shift our perceptions to interpret inevitable challenges in a way that serves us better;

• Embrace a narrative that casts stress as a pathway to adaptation and growth; and

• Commit to breaks, buffers, and protective practices that will minimize and neutralize the adverse impact of toxic stress.

Drawing on extensive research and remarkable stories, Seeking Serenity presents a clear and accessible action plan to achieving more joyful and productive lives, and stronger communities.



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