Pulp Felines Men's T-Shirt

Why Did We Design This?

What's your favorite "Pulp Felines" scene? Is it the one where Bubbles ODs on catnip and the alley cats bring her back to life by opening a can of sardines in front of her nose?


Or is it the scene where Bonzo saves Meowcellus Wallace from the pitbulls in the pawn shop even though Meowcellus had tried to kill him?


Or is it the scene where Meowcellus sends "The Bobcat" (played by Harvey Cattel) to fix the mess that Juju and Vinny have created?


Or is it the scene where Juju first meows the passage Ezekiel 25:17?


So many legendary scenes!


Black crewneck men's T-shirt depicting felines as Pulp Fiction characters.

100% cotton.

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