Minimalist Earrings by Craft + Copper

Meet the Maker

Brenna is a San Diego based maker and creates simple, clean designs that allow the natural beauty of gemstones and metals to be the focus of each piece. Her jewelry is ideal for minimalists that like to accessorize with quality, adornments for everyday life. 

About the Item

These earrings are simple and light, perfect for everyday wear.

Hand formed and work hardened to perfection from quality wire, each pair offers a simple addition to a clean, effortless style. 

I use a slightly thicker gauge wire for my minimalist series than most ear-wire giving the earrings more of a presence and making them far more durable. To prevent any difficulty in wearing these earrings, simply apply a drop of your favorite oil to the tip of the wire and it will slide right in!

Each pair measures 7/8" - 1.5" in length

Available in 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill, Sterling Silver

I work with high quality 14k gold filled chains and wire, as well as rose gold fill and sterling silver. This means that nothing is plated or "finished' with a gold coating. Each piece of jewelry is hand formed, wrapped and hammered to be unique and one of a kind. Using quality metals also ensures lasting wear for years to come.

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