Fresh & Pure: Beauty Balms and Cleansers by Jules Aron

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75 simple recipes for natural homemade beauty products 
from the best-selling author of Zen and Tonic

Tired of wondering exactly what went into her beauty products, holistic health and wellness coach Jules Aron decided to make her own. Whipping up a luxurious face mask using little more than honey, apricots, and coconut oil, and an acne-fighting toner with cooling cucumber and antioxidant-rich green tea, she knew without a doubt that no preservatives or toxic chemicals were used.  In Fresh & Pure: Organically Crafted Beauty Balms & Cleansers, Aron explains how to use fruit, flowers, herbs, and minerals to craft healthy beauty products that promote radiant skin, strong nails, and shiny hair. With this helpful guide, readers will be able to pamper themselves from head to toe with aromatic, forward-thinking potions. The companion book, Nourish & Glow: Naturally Beautifying Foods & Elixirs, focuses on how what we eat directly affects the appearance of our complexion and determines how we age.

Hardback, 261 pages

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