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Face Oil

Face Oil


The oil on your face is your friend. ‘What?’ you say?
Yes, indeed. 

Think of Fat and the Moon’s Face Oil like your ambassador. As your ambassador, the face oil helps your skin re-negotiate its own oil production and achieve peace and harmony.
Like with most things, the key is balance.
Oil, like fat, is not a dirty word.  The blend of oils in the face oil epitomize the ‘fat’ in Fat 
and the Moon--cause the fat that comes from tamanu, almonds, hemp, jojoba and rosehip 
seed got it goin on. Loaded with fatty acids and healing  properties, all of these oils are light yet potent. You only need a squirt of this stuff for your whole gorgeous face.


Ingredients:  calendula* and burdock* infused almond oil*, hemp seed oil*, jojoba oil*, tamanu oil*, rosehip seed oil*