Cherry Blossom Incense Set

OEDO-KOH - Cherry Blossom

The sweet, gentle scent of cherry blossoms will provide the lovely scent of spring time all year long. 

The custom of cherry blossom viewing became popular during the Edo Period. The somei-yoshino cherry tree, seen in groves throughout Japan today, was originally an ornamental garden variety raised in the village of Somei near Edo. The captivating scent of cherry blossoms heralds Spring's arrival. 

- Box includes 60 sticks and a tin incense stand

- For refreshment, relaxation, reading, listening to music, yoga, bathing


Key Note: Water Drop

Burn Time: Approx. 12 min.

WxHxD(in.): 2.63 x 4.01 x 0.78

WxHxD(mm): 67 x 102 x 20

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