Cedarwood Beard Balm by Moon Rivers Naturals

Cedarwood Beard Balm by Moon Rivers Naturals

2 oz | 59 mL

About Moon Rivers Naturals

Named for their son, Rivers, Stefanie and Stephen McNeely started Moon Rivers Naturals in 2013 at their homestead in Texas. Marked by the use of essential oils and moisturizers, their products are pure, organic, and nourishing in creation, but are anything but simple. Moon Rivers utilizes adventurous ingredients in unique combinations, the perfect way to make your morning and evening routines just a little bit better.


The perfect balm to help shape and tame even the most unruly beards. Packed with a blend of natural oils, vitamin E and cedarwood essential oil, it smells good and is good for ya! Great for mustaches and other styles of facial hair as well!


Rub a small amount between fingertips and working from ends to roots,  shape beard, mustache or other hair.


Coconut Oil*, Safflower Oil (Non-GMO), Shea Butter*, Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Pure Lanolin, Beeswax, Cedarwood EO, Vitamin-E (Non-GMO), 


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