Cedar + Rose Smudge Stick by Among the Flowers

Cedar + Rose Smudge Stick by Among the Flowers

About Among the Flowers

At Among the Flowers, each creation is drawn from a feeling, a vision and then actualized through a completely natural blending of botanicals. From aroma-therapeutic benefits, to the vivid colors found in seed oils and dried flowers, to the simplicity of each label - Among the Flowers strives to deliver an enhanced ritual of positive, reflective, generative beauty.


Foraged rosemary, lavender and cedar sprigs were bound together with dried rosebuds and colored string in a beautifully crafted smudge stick. The celtic practice of opening the windows and wafting herbal smoke throughout the house just after the new year begins is meant to drive away negative energy and rejoice in new beginnings. Give as a beautiful gift, display in a special corner of your home, or light and bring about clarity and peace.

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