Taking out Links for WeWood Watch

Video Tutorials for taking out Links for WeWood Watches

While we always suggest you take your watch to your nearest jeweler to take out links, below you will find tutorial videos to modify links based on the style of your WeWood watch. If you are located in San Diego, Ca, we suggest visiting Gem's Jeweler in North Park, San Diego to modify watch links. Please remember that there are several styles of WeWood watches - Date, Jupiter, Voyage, Moon, Metis and Odyssey. Currently tutorials are only available for Date and Jupiter. All other styles should be taken to your nearest jeweler. So please scroll down and identify which watch you have in order to watch the correct video. The style of the watch is always listed on the outside of your watch box, Date has a round face and Jupiter has a rectangular shape.


Video Tutorial to Take out WeWood Watch Links
Loosen SCREW with a screw driver or flat head and pull it out with a tweezer or your fingertips to remove link. If necessary, give the screw a push with the end of a paperclip to remove it from the link. KEEP screws to put clasp back on the band. Some of the newer Date watches have a new pin screw. To learn more click here.


Video Tutorial to Take out WeWood Watch Links
First, look at each end of the PIN to determine which drill hole is smaller. Push PIN with metal tool through the SMALL end to remove link. KEEP pins to put clasp back on the band.


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