dearreadersv2Dreaming of your next masterpiece is the first step. Acting on your dream and creating your art piece is the next. Sharing your work with the world finalizes the process. These steps are easy to say and write, and so much harder to do. But the artists, designers and musicians within these pages have done just that, and we at Graffiti Beach aim to support the bravery, inspiration and dreams of these Creatives by sharing their work with the world.

This issue is Graffiti Beach’s Street Art Issue and the first-ever printed edition. Many have asked us, “Why print in a world where digital is taking over?” We believe that having a tangible and beautiful magazine is a piece of art in itself. We also believe that the stories within these pages are worth reading, and that a digital issue just isn't enough to communicate these amazing stories and visuals that we want you to see and experience.

We were inspired by the innovation, passion and creativity of unconventional street artists from around the globe. These are individuals who are striving to educate our communities about how street art can be used to create a positive impact on the world.

We hope that you feel inspired, moved and happy while you are reading this issue. Please continue to support emerging Creatives because they are the innovators and muses of the world. The more we can help them succeed, the more they can continue to inspire the world around us!


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