Vanilla + Mint Natural Deodorant by Way of Will

Give your pits a clean, refreshing burst of vanilla and mint with this all natural deodorant stick made from 100% natural essential oils! Coconut oil, shea butter, and kaolin clay are blended together to help absorb sweat and keep your underarms comfortably dry.

Way Of Will Natural Deodorant does not contain any aluminum compounds, parabens or artificial colouring agents.

Because this deodorant is made with all natural ingredients, you'll notice it has a firmer texture than other deodorants.

Apply just after the shower, when skin is still slightly damp, for an easier glide.

Natural Deodorant Oil Boosts:

Spearmint Essential Oil is antimicrobial and antiseptic

Thyme Essential Oil helps eliminate body odor

Vanilla Essential Oil aside from its delicate sweet fragrance contains antioxidant properties

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