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The Lilium Earrings By Mashallah

The Lilium Earrings By Mashallah


Meet The Maker: Every piece in the MASHALLAH collection is carefully designed by Mashallah Ghouleh, who has grown up under the influence of her aunt Ikram Goldman, a global fashion icon, and brilliant artist uncle, Sahir Suman, who is the owner of Marji Gallery in New Mexico. After years of being a part of Chicago’s fashion scene, Mashallah set out to create her own jewelry line that communicates her urban-boho style. As both a designer and collector of all things beautiful, her natural creative energy shines through her jewelry. 

The Lilium statement earring features a square-on-square design. The straight lines and right angles add a playful, geometric flare to any look.

38mm length

Made with solid brass