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Mocktails: Nonalcoholic Cocktails With Taste And Style by Caroline Hwang

Mocktails: Nonalcoholic Cocktails With Taste And Style by Caroline Hwang


Fresh, fun, and flavorful alcohol-free drinks 

A collection of more than 80 chic and colorful drinks as visually appealing and flavorful as cocktails—but without the booze. From citrusy concoctions to seasonal specialties, these inventive mocktails will hold their own on the palate and standout at any party. Chic cocktails without alcohol.

This visually-driven cookbook features fabulous mocktails to satisfy any taste, occasion, or season. The 80+ drinks are based on fruits, herbs, spices, syrups—fresh ingredients and bright flavors like ginger, citrus, turmeric, berries, hibiscus, persimmon, coconut, mint, and matcha—and span refreshing options like coolers, spritzes, and juices to warming punches, toddies, and teas.

Learn the building blocks of crafting a perfect drink, from the essential tools—including the shakers and strainers found in any home bar—and unique and customizable made-from-scratch simple syrups, shrubs, purees, sugars, and salts. A visual guide to mocktail necessities distills the key components to choose from to build a stellar drink: the base; some sweetness; fruits & vegetables; fresh herbs & flowers; acid; dried spices & flowers; teas & coffee; garnishes, and ice. Beautiful color photography showcases the ingredients and elements of each drink, along with the luscious finished concoction.

Sample recipes include:


  Pineapple Mint Spritz

  Thai Daiquiri

  Lavender Bubbly

  Cherry Vera

  Cucumber Elderflower Fizz

  Blueberry Cardamom Smash

  Sumac Sour

  Hibiscus Lime Slush

  Coconut-Turmeric Rejuvenator

  Blood Orange Creamsicle

  Turmeric, Apple & Ginger Chai

  Persimmon Nog

  Pomegranate Apple Spiced Cider