Calming Baby Balm by Among the Flowers

Calming Baby Balm by Among the Flowers

2 oz | 59 mL

About Among the Flowers

Among the Flowers is all about simplicity and beauty, embarking on a journey to true, raw beauty and life practices. Among the Flowers works to strip away the unnecessary and celebrating what is important, focusing on ingredients that deliver concentrated, quality nutrients, and sourcing completely whole, raw, plant ingredients and using them in small batches. The products are handcrafted from the design of the label to the sifting, pouring, melting, labeling and polishing of every product.


Gentle and soothing, this balm is the perfect natural alternative to chemical-laden rash creams. Utilizing the calming power of rice bran oil and sea buckthorn oil, this balm works to combat irritation in baby's sensitive skin, while chamomile essential oil works to relax baby.


A pea sized amount goes a long way. Apply gently to minor rashes or after bathing for a skin soothing massage.


Flower infused rice bran oil, vitamin e, beeswax, zinc, sea buckthorn oil, chamomile essential oil.


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