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Crystal Hematite Loop Earrings by Ink+Alloy

Crystal Hematite Loop Earrings by Ink+Alloy


INK+ALLOY is a female-founded accessory brand with a mission to empower women through every day, modern bohemian pieces that make a bold statement. The brand’s accessories are handcrafted by a team of women in both INK+ALLOY’s Atlanta studio and throughout India. From their colorful seed bead earrings and beaded clutches to Lucite necklaces and wood bracelets, INK+ALLOY combines centuries old techniques like hand-beading and hand-looming with modern style and globally-sourced raw and recycled materials to create pieces that stand the test of time, both in quality and design.

A delicate loop of smoky crystal and gold hematite make the smoky crystal and hematite loop earrings a perfect pair.

3" length