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BTS :: Festival Style Inspiration

With Coachella only a week away....festival season is officially here! We went behind the scenes with stylist Eartha Hubbell and photographer Michael Ngo to get some inspiration for what to pack for Coachella. 
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Wooden Treasures: The Perfect Holiday Gifts

For anyone that has set foot in Graffiti Beach’s San Diego store, you know we have a passion for wood! What you may not know is that we love it so much, we handpick companies to work with that believe in doing what is best for our environment and helping to sustain the growth of trees and our forests.
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Let's Hammer it Out!

Accessorizing with vintage rings, earrings, and bracelets is not only a fun way to add spark and flair to your fashion but is also a way to wear a piece of history! Goat & Kettle takes wearing a piece of history to the next level by hand hammering 1900's era antique keys into rings and bracelets! 
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Beyond Wine Bottles

It all began in 2006 with the collaboration of two brothers - Josh and Larry.  Jessica, president and product developer, and wife of Josh, says that their ultimate goal was to "create useful products out of an underutilized material - cork."  Thus was the start of the brand CoolCorC.
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The WOW of Native Honey

Style is all about expression. Though our clothes do not define who we are, what we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it is a great indicator of our personalities.  Because of this, we are always on the constant search for clothes and accessories that will "wow" us. One brand that truly understands the “wow factor” is Native Honey.
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