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The Surreal Universe of Hidden Moves

Looking through art daily and discovering talent is one of my passions in life. While I love finding trends evolving from the art world, what I love even more is finding someone that is so unique that their art stands in its own category. This is exactly how I felt when discovering the artwork of UK artist Rhys Owens better known as Hidden Moves
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Hense the Name

One of the most inspiring works of art we came across on our search for unconventional street artists was this miraculously painted church by Alex Brewer aka Hense. When we first posted this image readers kept it real? Yes, this is real and absolutely spectacular!
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Origami Echoes: Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice, a 28-year-old Paris-based artist, echoes this sentiment through her street art exhibits. An origami specialist, Mademoiselle Maurice seeks out the open air confines of the street for some of her more provocative pieces.
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The Multimedia Artists: KREASHUN

The artists, known in the art scene as Kreashun, were seated in the part lobby, part studio of JFeather’s in the City Heights community of San Diego. Together, they’ve created multimedia installations since 2010 but began going by their group name in the summer of 2011.
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