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Meet the Maker: Diana Contreras of Momo / Atelier

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Meet the Maker: Diana Contreras of Momo / Atelier


Meet the Maker is a series created to introduce you to to some of the rad and interesting people behind some of the brands we carry at Graffiti Beach.
Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar, Sales @ Graffiti Beach
Interviewee: Diana Contreras, owner of Momo / Atelier
Company: Momo / Atelier Jewelry
Location: Tijuana, BC, Mexico


Diana Contreras is the cool creative artist that owns Momo / Atelier Jewelry. Her jewelry is often big and bold, but still conveys an understated elegance. Working out of Tijuana, we are proud to introduce her pieces to Graffiti Beach as a local brand! I had so much fun learning more about Diana, and I hope you will too. Enjoy!

Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been making jewelry, and how long have you owned Momo / Atelier? 

Diana Contreras: I've been making jewelry for two years, and started Momo / Atelier about a year ago.

JN: Were you always an artist? What brought you to this business?

DC: I used to paint and I’m also an industrial designer so I love building things with my hands and what’s better that making something that I can see people wear and look gorgeous in?

Be sure to visit us during the South Park Walkabout to see the Momo / Atelier Trunk Show!

JN: What’s your favorite part of the job?

DC: Walking down the street and seeing people I don’t know wearing my jewelry and looking like goddesses.

JN: You are known for making bold statement jewelry. What are your tips on incorporating them into our wardrobes? 

DC: I absolutely love that my statement pieces fit everywhere. You can be chilling with your friends having brunch in a summer dress, or rock them with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, or wear them on a night out. I think that’s the beauty of the pieces: you can wear them wherever and whenever you want.

JN: You work out of Tijuana, our favorite neighbor to the south. How does this beautiful city inspire you?

DC: I love that people are not afraid of big jewelry in Tijuana. I love the vibe of the city, with all the gorgeous architecture and the diversity that give life to the streets.

JN: What else are you working on that we can get excited about?

DC: I’m actually working with ceramics right now! I love to use all the materials I can and give them all unique shapes that will make customers feel special. 

Want to meet Diana in person? Come to South Park's Spring Walkabout and take advantage of her exclusive Trunk Show, as well as refreshments and excitement throughout the neighborhood!

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