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One Love Movement partners with Graffiti Beach on ReImagined Party

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One Love Movement partners with Graffiti Beach on ReImagined Party



This year, we decided it was time to re-energize Graffiti Beach! We are so excited to share with our customers and community the latest version of this shop! Our upcoming REIMAGINED Party will showcase our refreshed space and help continue build out community through giving. We are proud to be donating the party proceeds towards One Love Movement, which helps underprivileged youth locally and globally get a leg up in life! 

Graffiti Beach's ReImagined Party with One Love Movement

Thursday, June 7th
7 to 9pm
Ticket Proceeds Benefit One Love 

 Interview with One Love Ambassador Claire Berryman 

Interviewer:  Jaclyn Najjar, Sales & Social Media, Graffiti Beach
Claire Berryman, San Diego Ambassador, One Love Movement

Meet Claire, the young, motivated One Love Ambassador for San Diego. Claire talks volunteering as a lifestyle choice, as well as what inspires her to be a part of the One Love Movement.

Claire Berryman, Ambassador of One Love Movement

Jaclyn Najjar: Where are you from originally and what guided you towards becoming a part of the philanthropic community?

Claire Berryman: I’m actually a San Diego Native. I grew up in Oceanside and I went to Vista High School. I stayed in the area for college, and went to Cal State San Marcos. Funny enough I originally I wanted to be a federal agent for the FBI. 

JN: Why did you want to work for the FBI originally, and what do you do now instead?

CB: My dad is a Federal Law Enforcement officer and it sparked my interest. After college, I got into jobs that aligned with that career path. I worked at a credit union and a couple of law firms and but as I started to mature and I started to get into my own groove out of college I realized it wasn't really what I want to do anymore. That's when I started volunteering a lot. I always loved volunteering and did so throughout high school and college, but I wanted something a little more consistent.

Kim Bauman of One Love Movement in Haiti

Haiti: The orphanage in Haiti in 2012 where Kim Bauman, Founder of One Love Movement got inspired to start her organization to help children in need around the globe.

JN: It sounds like philanthropy was a common vein throughout your life.

CB: Yeah, my first consistent volunteer work was as a camp counselor for children cancer patients through Ronald McDonald and I continue to do that as well. I was really interested in just helping people, especially kids. My motherly instinct and the joy of kids are where I really found my outlet volunteering.

Haiti: One Love raised over $21,000 to help rebuild Haiti after the devastation from the 2010 earthquake.

JN: What else do you do when you aren't volunteering?

Claire: I work in healthcare for a travel nurse staffing firm called Aya. I also work for Dining Out San Diego Magazine, attending events and working in content creation; I love trying new restaurants and photography so it's a great way to use the two!  Around the time that I started working in healthcare I really became involved with volunteering I also became involved with health, wellness and fitness and it all fits together nicely now.

one love movement

One Love's 2nd Annual Yoga Fundraiser raising over $15k to support underprivileged children.

JN: So how did you become involved with One Love?

CB: Oddly enough, my roommate is a corporate yoga teacher and her friend taught at a One Love yoga event. I attended some of the One Love events, and the more that I saw the community that I was getting involved with, having different outreaches they liked, the more I kept seeing One Love. At the time there wasn’t a consistent volunteer program. In 2017 they announced that they were starting a pilot ambassador program, and I was chosen for San Diego! I felt like the universe conspired by putting all these other people in my life that were involved with yoga, wellness and volunteer work. It was exactly where I wanted my life to move towards so I think it just worked out the way it was supposed to.  

One Love Movement

San Diego: One Love promotes health, well-being, education and humanitarian aide for many different types of youth in our own backyard, including human-trafficking victims, refugee families, foster youth, those with severe trauma as well as resource-scarce inner city youth.

JN: What does the One Love Ambassador do?

CB: The program is very new; it was launched at the beginning of this year (2018)! The ambassador program is not stringent; there are no strict protocols. They chose each of us based on our individual selves, personalities and experience. We are tasked with using our creative spirit, to use our giving hearts to plan events to get the word out there about One Love! 

One Love Movement

San Diego: Children attend a One Love sponsored field trip.

JN: How does One Love inspire you?

CB: I think what makes it special to me is Kim herself. Kim Bauman, the founder is very much an open heart and one of her personal mantras is Serve Your Heart. I would see this on her social media posts, and I admired her sharing and welcoming personality. The more I saw her living that mantra, the more I was like why aren't there more people like this out there? And so I felt like even though I didn’t know her I read “serve your heart” and thought, how simple is that, how easy is that? Once I read her backstory it made sense too. She was an orphan from Korea and was lucky enough to be adopted by a family in the US, and has always felt so lucky and fortunate for her circumstances. Her story really spoke to me as well. I feel that I have so much to give to others, especially coming from a good loving family. A lot of children don't have that and they should!  

Kim Bauman, Found of One Love Movement

Kim Bauman: Founder of One Love Movement

JN: What is a recent effort that you thought was really cool that One Love was able to accomplish?

CB: Of course One Love and the founder, Kim herself has so many humanitarian efforts, and their yoga event draws a huge number of donation and participants, but there is one we had very recently that I thought was special and sweet. Earlier this year we had an event where we took a bunch of local refugee kids ice skating! This was one of those events that was so simple and fun. One Love was able to give these kids a little sense of normalcy in their lives during their struggle. I think for us it would be just a little ice skating but for these kids it’s huge. 

Kim Bauman, Founder of One Love Movement

San Diego: Kim Bauman with refugee children ice skating.

To learn more about One Love Movement and how you can get involved Click Here.

Thursday, June 7th
7 to 9pm
Ticket Proceeds Benefit One Love Movement

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