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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Jen Byard of Communal Coffee

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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Jen Byard of Communal Coffee
Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Interviews and conversations about motivating people to get inspired to follow their dreams and give them realistic insight on what it takes to get started, and what all the battles and triumphs look like along the way.
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Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar of Graffiti Beach
Interviewee: Jen Byard
Business: Communal Coffee
Locations: South Park 2221 Fern St, San Diego, CA 92104


Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been in the Coffee business, and how long have you owned Communal Coffee?

Jen Byard: Communal Coffee is my first venture in the coffee business! It’s been a little over two years since we opened Communal in North Park and four months since we opened our South Park location.

JN: What inspired you first to get into this industry?

JB: My love for creating beautiful spaces that foster community. Coffee is a natural fit :).

JN: What do you love about owning Communal?

JB: The people! Love working with my employees and customers. Also love the creativity it takes to open up new spaces and keep the existing ones fresh and interesting.

JN: Do you have any tips for beginner coffee enthusiasts?

JB: Don’t be afraid to try new things! And ask a ton of questions. Coffee is such an interesting craft and the more you learn and taste, the more fun it is.

JN: What types of refreshments does Communal Offer?

JB: Full espresso bar at both locations with all house made syrups including our classics like lavender honey & rose vanilla as well as new summer offerings like strawberries and cream & blueberry earl grey. We have a delicious selection of housemade toasts : avocado, caprese, lavender honey & strawberry basil. Our bagel sandwiches are also amazing!

JN: Is there anything coming up there that we can get excited about?

JB: We’ve started doing live music on Saturday nights at our new South Park location and it’s been really fun! Also, we’ve got the Summer Walk about in South Park on July 21st.

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