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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Heather Northcote of Goldline Salon

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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Heather Northcote of Goldline Salon
Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Interviews and conversations about motivating people to get inspired to follow their dreams and give them realistic insight on what it takes to get started, and what all the battles and triumphs look like along the way.
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Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar of Graffiti Beach
Interviewee: Heather Northcote
Business: Goldline Salon
Location: 3009 Beech St. San Diego, CA 92102


Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been in the Hairstyling business, and how long have you owned Goldline Salon?

Heather Northcote: I have been in the hair industry for over 18 years! I have co-owned Goldline for 5 .5 years with the lovely Anna Elia!

JN: What inspired you first to get into this industry?

HC: I was inspired to get into this industry after working in a salon in Mission Hills. I was hired on as a receptionist and admired the lifestyle of the hairdressers there.  This salon was a booth rental salon and the stylists carried in interests and talents which appealed to me! I have always had many interests and my career path was difficult to decide upon, I couldn’t be more grateful for the choice I made!  I wanted to learn to listen and deliver to people. After being trained by Bumble & Bumble and returning the knowledge to my peers in salon I was gifted to have gathered the tools I needed to accomplish what I was searching for. I have grown an amazing group of people in my life being behind the chair!

JN: What do you love about owning Goldline?

HC: There are many things that are great about Goldline!  Anna and I wanted to create a fluid space for professionals to work and have a great personal life outside of the salon as well.  We appreciate and embrace the current climate of salon ownership being open and sharing of knowledge.  There is an amazing collective of owners now in San Diego where the stylist and client experience varies drastically with little or no completion!

JN: What is a tip you wish more people knew about taking care of their own hair?

HC: I wish stylists shared their knowledge of product for texture/ lifestyle. I dream that clients feel safe listening to the advice and not to the “selling" vibe. Also, here's a good one: If you air dry your hair, apply product and comb through and allow the hair to mostly dry with out disrupting too much with hands! Think of a pizza settling and allow the cheese to form before you grab that hot slice and make a hot mess!

JN: What type of types of services does Goldline offer?

HC: Goldline is a full service hair salon with a strong expertise of consultation and a vast knowledge of global hairdressing!

JN: Is there anything coming up there that we can get excited about?

HC: There are always exciting things happening at Goldline, we are a bit underground and prefer it that way so come and have beer and a chat. I have enjoyed serving San Diego brewed beers to clients my entire career. We also have been lucky enough to brew or own signature beer over at South Park Brewing Co!

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