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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Cindy Cate of Hello Birdie

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Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Cindy Cate of Hello Birdie
Bad A** Women Entrepreneurs: Interviews and conversations about motivating people to get inspired to follow their dreams and give them realistic insight on what it takes to get started, and what all the battles and triumphs look like along the way.
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Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar of Graffiti Beach
Interviewee: Cindy Cate
Business: Hello Birdie Nail Lab
Location: 2219 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104


Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been in the Nail/Cosmetic Industry and how long have you owned Hello Birdie Nail Lab? What inspired you to first get into this industry?

Cindy Cate: My first introduction to the beauty industry in general (hair to be specific) was about 6 years ago. I managed a talented team of 20+ hair stylists at The Lab A Salon. A few years in, I realized a void in the nail industry to take the concept of a high end "hair salon" experience and apply it to the nail industry. Lash extensions were just starting to blow up at the time and seemed like a perfect complimenting service to incorporate. Doors opened at Hello Birdie in June of 2015, bringing us to three years of amazing growth and development! I had always worked for small businesses and knew one day I would open my own. Although I didn't always know what that would be, I had an entrepreneurial spirit that I would undoubtedly use one day. That being said I always kept my mind open to what business would be something I could see as a good fit. I recall being at a typical nail salon, not getting the service I desired and not able to receive creative interesting nail art. It was then that the light bulb went on and I knew I would open Hello Birdie. A place that can pull together creativity, great customer service and a team of creative of professionals that strive to do their personal best!

JN: What do you love about owning Hello Birdie?

CC: What I love the most about owning Hello Birdie is, with the help of my amazing staff, we have created a work place that we all look forward to coming to. Positive, supportive, creatively nurturing and striving for excellence is what we all do at Hello Birdie. This culture in our salon is what creates a wonderful experience for our clientele. They can feel this when they walk in and enjoy their time here too. I love when I see a client come into the salon and it is the best part of their day. My wish is for clients to leave their outside worries at the door and take that moment to be present, create/collaborate with our artists, express themselves and simply enjoy their time here!

JN: What is a tip you wish more people knew about taking care of their nails and lashes?

CC: The biggest tip we wish more people knew about taking care of their nails is regular maintenance. Get into the habit of every 2 weeks treating yourself with proper cuticle care, safe gel polish removal, pedicure services. Nail health is a focus here at Hello Birdie, we offer services to help clients achieve the best results with their specific nail situations. Not everyone has the luxury of strong long nails but with proper maintenance once can be pleasantly surprised just how great their nails look! The biggest tip people can know about lash extension is to be sure to use extension safe cleansers regularly to improve retention and maintain lash health. Book regular lash fills every two weeks.

JN: What types of services does Hello Birdie offer?

CC: Our most popular nail services would be Gel polish manicures with hand painted nail art. The options are pretty diverse and we are always working to stay ahead of the trend with nail art. We also offer deluxe manicures, pedicures, IBX nail strengthening treatments, gentle callus smoothing, exfoliating and even illuminating skincare treatments for the hands/arms, feet/lower legs. We also offer classic and volume lash extensions with quality products and skilled lash artists that are licensed estheticians.

JN: Is there anything coming up there that we can get excited about?

CC: I am in the preliminary phase of scouting out the perfect location for the next Hello Birdie Nail & Lash Lab! You can expect more of the same quality services and offerings in a new location!

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