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Meeting the Mini Art Genius :: Autumn de Forest

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Every once and awhile we have an experience that reignites that fire inside that makes us shine. I tell some of my favorite people that they are ‘shiny’, they laugh and feel honored but never quite know what it means. It is that glow you have when you exert passion, love and have an overall enjoyment for life. For some people it goes on and off and for others it is always on. Autumn de Forest is one of those ‘shiny’ people and it is infectious!
I had the honor of meeting this ‘mini adult’ a few weeks back and interviewed with her for a travelogue series she is working on.  Her goal with this film series is to inspire and motivate youth to follow their dreams by educating them about the art scene and introduce them to influencers around the globe. In case you have not heard of Autumn before, she is a true prodigy child at only 12 years of age and the word ‘AMAZING’ barely begins to describe her artwork. She has been featured on just about every network including DisneyThe Discovery Channel and NBC’s Today Show and at only 8 years old she sold $100k worth of artwork at her first live auction in only 16 minutes!
I wasn’t quite sure what I was in store for when I got a call from Autumn’s dad and her PR agent asking me to be their point person for a series of interviews with artists and entrepreneurs they wanted to do in San Diego. To say the least, it was a remarkable experience. I call her a ‘mini adult’ because that’s who I felt like I was talking to. She was full of life, energy and was so well educated not only about art but the world itself and at such a young age! We spoke about how I got started, why Graffiti Beach and discussed my journey as an entrepreneur. Towards the end of the interview we got into a discussion about the important people in my life and I got a little choked up. Sometimes it takes a little firecracker like Autumn to remind you why you do what you do and how much your loved ones truly mean to you. It was a great ending to a great day with Autumn de Forest. I had the fortune of passing her off to a couple of inspiring artists in san Diego's local art scene: Gloria Muriel aka Glow and Dave Ross aka Persue.
After that experience, my shininess is back! Thanks Autumn;)
Written by Melanie Michaud, Owner of Graffiti Beach 
You can learn more about Autumn de Forest HERE.

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