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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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It feels like it was just Christmas but just a warning guys (or ladies)...Valentine's Day is right around the corner! We scouted our favorite gifts to make sure you have the perfect gift for this Valentine's Day!

HOW TO SAY 'I LOVE YOU'? First up, there is no better way to say I LOVE YOU than an actual sign! This is a no brainer, everyone likes a little reminder of how much you care. These are not only great for your living room but an awesome decor piece to put in an office or even a baby's room! Love You to the Moon and Back Love You More I Adore You

Box signs $9 to $12 each - SHOP NOW

DRUZY IS A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND Everyone says 'Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend', well in 2014 'Druzy' is a girl's best friend! Druzy refers to teeny tiny glistening crystals that appear on the surface of gemstones. Our favorite necklaces and earrings below use druzy from agate which can be found in several types of rocks, most commonly volcanic rocks! These beauties are are cleaned up, polished and then coated to give them the intensity in color and sparkle. They are then accented with 14k rose gold, 14k gold or sterling silver chain and wire. And the best thing about druzy when comparing it to diamonds, they are totally affordable at only $45 to $48 each!

Druzy Necklaces Druzy Earrings

Druzy jewelry featured ranges from $45 to $48 each - SHOP NOW

LADY IN RED Help your significant other look and feel her best on Valentine's about these adorable vintage inspired dresses?! These dresses are handcrafted by two amazing designers based in in Los Angeles - Lisa Hsiegh and Eileen Chai. Not a fan of red or burgundy, not to worry...these come in many other colors!

Derica Dress PoppyPixie PortCoquette Port Dress

These vintage inspired dresses are $68 each - SHOP NOW!

Need more ideas for Valentine's Day? Check our of gift idea section - CLICK HERE Thanks and good luck with finding the perfect gift:)

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