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A Fashion Nerd: Amy Roiland

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Featured Blogger: Amy Roiland aka A Fashion Nerd
Based: Los Angeles, Ca
Photos: Richie Edquid (
Interviewer: Eileen Doñiego de France (

All of Amy's looks are available at Graffiti Beach Shop online at and in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

I love meeting people with creative imaginations, a great sense of style and who exert a hint of nerdism. It’s the perfect combination of what makes a fun person - and that’s what Amy Roiland, model (known for being the main face of online site - ModCloth), designer and blogger of A Fashion Nerd is. Graffiti Beach got to explore Amy’s sense of style by allowing her to select her favorite looks from Graffiti Beach. Our style team photographed Amy in the alleys of South Park San Diego, and yes she is as adorable in person as online!

A Fashion Nerd - Amy RoilandAll items available at Graffiti Beach - Dress $78 // Bamboo Sunglasses $130 // Crossbody Purse $42 // Rings $25 to $30 available in-store

Graffiti Beach: You change your look a lot, but you do seem to have a streamlined sense of style. How would you describe your style? What inspires you?

Amy Roiland: I feel like I am a mix of the 1960s with a western flare. Old 60s actresses like Chantal Goya and Bridgette Bardot really inspire my fashion as well as old western films. The most important part of my style is to always have fun and add a little something quirky to every look.

GB: Have you ever gone through a style phase that you refuse to revisit? Are there any trends you are excited for in fashion?

AR: I can’t think of a style phase I went through that I wouldn't revisit, probably low waisted jeans? I am pretty consistent with my style and it always comes back around. I used to be obsessed with fringe, cowboy boots and bell bottoms. And to my excitement, these trends are now cycling back!

A Fashion Nerd - Amy RoilandAll items available at Graffiti Beach - Dress $68 // Cat Eye Sunglasses $30 // Embellished Crossbody Purse $42, available in-store // Dreamcatcher Necklace $25, available in-store // Wrap Bracelet $30, available in-store

GB: We really enjoyed watching you style your very own looks at Graffiti Beach. Did you have a favorite piece that you tried on, that you felt like completed an outfit for you?

AR: Yes, I loved the bamboo sunglasses (shop now)! I felt like those completed all of my looks.

GB: I noticed you really gravitated to our dresses that had quirky prints  - (mice print and gramophones). What about print speaks to you?

AR: I really like prints and humorous details on clothing. I love when you get close to a print and actually figure out what it is. I think fashion is meant to be expressive and funny a lot of the time. At least for me, I always go for quirky-fun, detailed pieces. I also love a collar on a dress, really gives it that old fashioned vibe.

GB: You're an extremely creative Jane-of-All-Trades (modeling, blogging, designer), what drives you to create?

AR: Fashion and style drive me to create. I live and dream fashion every single minute of the day. I look on Instagram and on LOOKBOOK for all the new bloggers, stylists, designers, etc. and feel so motivated. I love modeling and blogging but I love designing even more. Designing jewelry, my line A Tiny Touch, and designing my shoe line are so much more fulfilling then just modeling.

A Fashion Nerd - Amy RoilandAll items available at Graffiti Beach - Dress $74 // Flower Headdress $48 - other colors available in-store // The Giving Key Necklace $35, available in-store // Vintage Typewriter Cuffs $34 each // Vintage Typewriter Key Ring $30

GB: You're a bit of a gamer too, do you have any favorite games you like to play?

AR: I started to play League of Legends and I plan to get really good at it within the next two months. Nerdy I know…

GB: Most people don't see the words "fashion" and "nerd" together in a sentence much less a name. As A Fashion Nerd, why do you think being a nerd and being into fashion works so well together?

AR: I nerd out when it comes to cool shoes or new amazing designers. I nerd out just like a nerd nerds out with a new video game or new console. Fashion is the most intriguing thing to me. I get so excited about new shoes and the design of them.

GB: What is up next for you? AR: I am designing my own shoe line with a good friend of mine in addition to taking my  jewelry line to the next level. A Tiny Touch (my jewelry line) is owned by my boyfriend and I and we just found out we got sponsored by RYOBI tools, so that’s very exciting.

To stay in the loop with Amy, check out her blog HERE. You can shop all of the looks featured at Graffiti Beach - online or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca.

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