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October 15, 2013 1 Comment

With my roots being in Northern California, I can tell you scarves are an absolute necessity! And really, there are not very many that I easily can fall in love with. Well, that is until I discovered Stolen Sunday last year! I wondered if San Diego would take to scarves as much as people did in Northern Ca…after all it is pretty much in the 70s year round out here in SD! Well, to my happiness SoCal loves them too! Stolen Sunday specializes in infinity scarves or what some call circle scarves. They come in pretty much any weight and are stitched together to make a complete circle. What I love best about infinity scarves is that they are so versatile. You can wear them with one loop which is more of a fashion statement, wrap twice around your neck if you need to bundle up or put them over your head like a hoodie if it is an extra chilly night. These scarves have become a staple item for me to pair with any dress whether I am wearing it to a wedding or evening get together. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner and designer, Jacy Ceccarelli, of Stolen Sunday who launched her brand in San Francisco just a couple years ago. Moraga Scarf by Stolen SundayABOVE: Stolen Sunday's 2013 Winter Line - Moraga Infinity Scarf $57, BUY NOW. Geometric fabric sourced from fair trade women's cooperative in Buenos Aires, Argentina. **New**

Graffiti Beach: Stolen Sunday, such a cute name! How did you come up with it?

Jacy Ceccarelli: Thanks! You know, the name just sort of hit me walking down Divisadero St in San Francisco one foggy Sunday afternoon. It was a total a wham! bam! sort of moment.  I had been thinking about the perfect name for awhile and knew I wanted something playful and a little sassy. Something that was memorable and people could attach their own meaning to. When the phrase Stolen Sunday crash landed into my head I knew instantly that was it!

GB: What was your career path before you created Stolen Sunday?

JC: Well... I was a travel writer and a little bit of a wanderer before I started Stolen Sunday. After I graduated college, where I majored in writing and international development, I visited something like 25 countries in two years. I made some (ie: not much) cash writing but mostly I was just out there cruising, trying to figure stuff out. When I landed in San Francisco and knew that was where I wanted to stay, that is when Stolen Sunday came into focus.

hollywood2ABOVE: Hollywood Infinity Scarf $56, BUY NOW. **Best Seller**

GB: It's funny, I tried to think of other fantastic companies that just sell scarves and couldn't think of one! So I have to ask, why scarves? Do you have many competitors?

JC: It's weird, I can't really think of any brands that have the same focus as Stolen Sunday either. So surprising, because making and selling scarves is so rad! Scarves are versatile, bold, bright and everyone can wear them. They are the most inclusive garment on the planet. And the fact that Stolen Sunday is in our own little scarf-centric category is one thing that I absolutely love about running this company. There isn't an exact model to follow and I find myself getting to make it up as I go along... exploring new avenues, learning new things, making new mistakes.

Calexico from Stolen Sunday

ABOVE: Stolen Sunday's 2013 Winter Line - Calexico Infinity Scarf $57, BUY NOW. Fabric sourced from fair trade women's cooperative in Buenos Aires, Argentina. **New**
GB: I noticed this season you are using materials sourced from a fair trade women's coop in Buenos Aires. Can you tell us a bit more about this choice?
JC: Yes! Before including these fabrics into the line all the scarves were 100% American made with fabrics being produced for us in Los Angeles (with American fibers). A big reason for this is my firm belief in the importance of fair wages for workers. When you are buying fabrics from abroad you often can not guarentee that. That being said, I absoluetly adore handloomed, geometric fabrics. So I started a long search to find a way to get some of these stunning fabrics, but the right way. I was lucky to find the perfect contact in Argentina and viola! Rad, fair-trade Argentine fabrics are now part of the Stolen Sunday collection. All the scarves are still sewn in San Francisco and I couldn't be more pleased about the whole thing.
GB: If you could give some words of advice to other aspiring designer, what would it be? JC: Keep it simple. Listen to your gut. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. And go for it!
AztecFrontABOVE: This is one of the best selling scarves that is back in stock for this season! Made from 100% Supima Cotton and is ultra soft! Mojave Infinity Scarf $56, BUY NOW **Best Seller**
Interview by: Melanie Michaud, Owner of Graffiti Beach

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April 28, 2014

i love everything about stolen sunday scarves – if i could i would buy one for everyone i know!!!!!! I live in Atlanta so they come in quite handy. I especially loved your sale yesterday and I was able to get in on it – Thank You

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