The Surreal Universe of Hidden Moves

Posted: Sep 26 2013

Looking through art daily and discovering talent is one of my passions in life. While I love finding trends evolving from the art world, what I love even more is finding someone that is so unique that their art stands in its own category. This is exactly how I felt when discovering the artwork of UK artist Rhys Owens better known as Hidden Moves. Rhys' creates characters that live a life of their own. Some are exploring space, dealing with office warfare or just having a rough morning.Office Warfare by Hidden Moves
Office Warfare by Hidden Moves, $35 - BUY NOW
My boyfriend and I always go back and forth on the perfect artwork for our home. He has a darker more masculine approach to what appeals to him in art where I like loads of color and uplifting pieces. While Hidden Moves isn’t in the category of what I would usually choose, both of us fell in love with Rhys’ Morning After piece. And to my astonishment, even my boyfriend’s mom bought a piece of his!
Morning After by Hidden Moves
Morning After by Hidden Moves, $35 - BUY NOW
I really enjoy Rhys’ take on making his surreal characters come to life. He leads you through a story where pandas, tigers and cats are fighting for their identity and making the world their own. There is some definite dark humor in his work which makes each piece interesting and leaves you wanting to see more.
We currently have his mini art block pieces available for $35 each in-store (2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca) and online We will also be offering some of his larger pieces very soon. If you see a piece that you love and want it larger than what is available, we can place a special order which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to produce. His pieces ship ready to hang and the prints are amazing quality!
Review by Melanie Michaud, Owner of Graffiti Beach

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