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The Colorful and Twisted World of Lora Zombie

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Lora Zombie’s colorful and humorous take on life is portrayed in her imaginative and magnificent artwork.  We spotted her work while browsing online and knew we just had to share her masterpieces with our customers! We recently introduced a mini art collection featuring some of our favorite pieces from Lora which you can find in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego or online SHOP NOW.

Lora Zombie - MeowMeow, Mini Art Block $35 MORE INFO

Lora is a Russian based artist that is making her mark internationally in the urban art scene. This self-taught artist is only 23 and has already exhibited in major galleries in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia. She has captured the attention from art collectors around the globe and we can see why! Her artwork takes you to a magical place that you only dream of with tigers wearing top hats and little girls playing with panda bears. Mr. Tiger by Lora Zombie

Mr. Tiger, Mini Art Block $35 MORE INFO

My personal favorite is her piece called The Creator of the Universe (shown below). What can I say, it makes me smile!

Creator of the Universe by Lora Zombie

Creator of the Universe, Mini Art Block $35 MORE INFO

I think that Lora evokes that inner child in all of us and urges us to daydream. She reminds us that life isn’t all the serious so we must have a sense of humor about things! So, remember to daydream more, laugh when something goes wrong and just have some fun! Check out more of her work in our mini art collection CLICK HERE.

Written by Melanie Michaud, Owner of Graffiti Beach Visit us online at


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