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Little Body Big Heart: Melanie Martinez from The Voice

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Melanie Martinez from Season 3 of The Voice, stole our hearts the minute we saw that adorable gap toothed smile and big bow perfectly styled with every dress she wore. We were over the moon when we found out Melanie followed Graffiti Beach on instagram! At first we this another one of those fake accounts? But sure enough, it was Melanie in the flesh (or instagram flesh that is!). We had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Melanie Martinez and even some photos of her favorite dress from Graffiti Beach! To shop her favorite items CLICK HERE.

Melanie Martinez

Dress available at

Graffiti Beach: We loved you on The Voice! What was your favorite performance on the show and why?

Melanie Martinez: Thank you! My favorite performance would definitely be "Toxic," which was my blind audition song. It was the start of it all and it was a song I had been covering before the show, so it was very dear to my heart. I'm glad I got to introduce myself to America by doing a Britney song, haha!

GB: One of the things that separated you as an artist on The Voice was your use of creativity. Whether it was fashion, or stage setting. How much of a role did you play in choosing your outfits and stage settings?

MM: Everyone got to choose what they wanted to wear on stage, and by the third time going into wardrobe the stylists already knew what I'd love and what I would never throw on my body in a million years. They were fantastic, and it was so lovely working with them. I was very vocal about how I wanted to be portrayed on the show, and how I wanted the stage setup to be.

Melanie Martinez The Voice

Dress available at

GB: If you had to describe your style in three words, what would it be?

MM: Youthful, sweet, and diverse.

GB: What was your absolute favorite outfit that you wore on The Voice?

MM: My outfit for 'crazy' because it was super glammed-up, gold, and glittery, which I wasn't used to. It was so fun playing dress up!

GB: Well, everyone knows your hair, gap in your teeth and your bows are the signatures of Melanie Martinez. What inspired you to choose these items to create your identity? Was it something you did before the show (obviously not the gap in the teeth..haha!)?

MM: I was inspired a little while before The Voice to dye my hair half black half blonde by Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmatians. One day I was watching it and I told my mom I was going to dye my hair like Cruella's, and she thought I was joking. I came home from the salon, and she didn't talk to me for a few days! Haha! I love hair bows and peter pan collars, because they remind me of childhood, and that's my way of remembering the sweet times of being a little girl. I tend to gravitate to pastel colors, and little girl clothes.

Melanie Martinez The Voice

Dress available at

GB: We sent you loads of goodies from our admiring emerging designers! Any favorites?

MM: Definitely the sweetheart poppy dress, and the custom 'Little Body Big Heart' necklace Paper Bird made for me!

Melanie Martinez Necklace

GB: For all of those emerging musicians out there, can you give them a word of advice in how they can be successful in such a challenging industry?

MM: Make sure this is what you love to do, and you can't imagine doing anything else. It's time consuming, will drain you, and stress you out at times. But in the end if you love doing it, and you're putting out music you're proud of, it will never feel like work. It'll just feel like love.

GB: Where can we find you next...upcoming shows...albums etc.?

MM: My EP is coming out soon. No exact release date yet, still working eveything out. I am also going to be playing in California on October 5th - TICKET INFO Melanie, we love you and will continue to follow you through your career! Thank you for inspiring us and everyone out their following their dreams!

Special Thanks to Melanie for taking the time to interview with us and her Publicist Gina Frey. Also thanks to our emerging designers that customized the perfect collection for Melanie Martinez including: Ardent Reverie, Beatrice Holiday, Fleet Collection, Chime and Kovey.

To shop some of Melanie Martinez's Favorite Items CLICK HERE. Interview by: Melanie Michaud, Owner Graffiti Beach

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