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Ambition Meets Beauty: Gina Frey

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It’s not often I get addicted to a season of The Voice but I have to say, Melanie Martinez on Season 3 really captured my attention. Her style is adorable and her creativity was ridiculously on point with everything that inspires us here at Graffiti Beach. It was through my obsession for Melanie Martinez that we met this fabulous and captivating multi-talented beauty…Gina Frey. This 19 year old go-getter juggles multiple jobs including being the PR agent for Melanie Martinez, modeling, makeup artistry and that is just the beginning! We fell in love with her instantly and wanted to share her ambitious ways and creative style with our readers. Enjoy this Q & A which gives you insight into the humble beginnings of who we are sure is going to be a top player in the fashion PR industry…Meet Gina Frey!
Graffiti Beach:  We over at Graffiti Beach have been checking out your style and absolutely love it! How would you describe your fashion sense?
Gina Frey: First off, thank you so much for your kind compliments and for your interest in interviewing me! I really appreciate your kindness! One thing I’d have to say as a disclaimer prior to answering your question is that my style is certainly ever-changing. I’ve proudly experimented with almost every type of classifiable style imaginable. Right now, I’ve found my fashion sense to have enthusiastically redirected to a modern gypsy-witch-boho type style. I have in fact thrown in a few business woman pieces for a touch of maturity as I exit my teen years this coming August!
Gina Frey
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GB: You are a woman of multiple talents… PR, modeling, makeup! Tell us more about what you do and how you manage everything!
GF:  I am often referred to by friends and family as some type of modern Renaissance woman, and I suppose I’ve grown comfortable and somewhat proud of that truth. I do indeed wear many, many hats! As you mentioned, I work consistent jobs in PR, and makeup artistry, but you might find it interesting to learn that I also work as a catering server out in the Hamptons on weekends, and work a full-time job as a paid research scientist intern at Brookhaven National Laboratory. During the school year, I am pre-medical Biology major, and I replace my summer internship with work as a Sports Medicine Aide assisting athletic trainers with rehab for injured athletes, as well as a TA for biology, and president of my school’s chess club (haha!). I definitely tend to keep my plate extra-full. I love to have purpose and responsibility to keep me engaged on the day to day. I definitely have a bit of a problem with drowning myself once in a while of course! I think getting to play these different roles makes my life endlessly thrilling, as it’s never boring to be so many different serious characters all at once! To manage, I just try to mentally (and physically, with lists), organize and prioritize responsibilities, and simply go about my day and check off! It’s always gratifying to complete even the smallest of errands. This interview was in fact on my list for the week (;!
Gina Frey
Derica Dress $68 - available in Poppy or Mustard, to special order black as featured email
GB:   You represent some really cool clients including Melanie Martinez from The Voice and the fashion brand BOY London. How do you select what clients you want to represent and what services do you provide for them?
GF: I like to think my clients are cool, too!  I’m going to elaborate on this question and be a bit long winded because, well, I get it a lot! Back in 2010 after graduating high school early at age 16, I ventured off to Pratt Institute for a semester to pursue a major in fashion photography. During that time, I contacted tons of brands through emails, searching for people to do trade work with so I could build my reputation and portfolio. By the most beautiful stroke of luck, I reached out to Gareth J. Emmett and Rhys Dawney, the owners of the UK fashion brand LONG Clothing, right as their first collection dropped. Rhys and Gareth were kind enough to let me shoot some self-portraits rocking their pieces. As LONG Clothing grew bigger and more popular, I worked to help them find NY based stockists, and our relationship strengthened. Eventually, I found myself championing their brand, talking with other artists, photographers, and models in the industry about LONG Clothing. This led to the beginning of my career working PR. I began quite naturally planning and organizing photo shoots to help mold the image of the brand by reaching out to network with bloggers, musicians, models, and other visual artists all over the world to plan projects. I sought out individuals that I felt could help propel the image of the brand in the right direction to the right audiences. By another obscene stroke of luck, in some time Gareth and Rhys became the creative directors of the resurrected BOY London label, and that’s where my job working PR for BOY London arose. In having worked so well with Rhys and Gareth in the past, and in their trust of my work ethic, I provided the very same services to BOY, designing and organizing shoots to promote the brand. Essentially, I now get paid to send cool people cool garments for cool projects in order to shape how people feel about the brand by creating the images they associate the brand with. It’s the loveliest job in the world, but it definitely comes with some communication-based challenges, such as the mountain that is international shipping! With my few years of experience working with BOY and LONG, I wound up working the public relations for Melanie, a good personal friend of mine. So, I guess you can say I kind of “fell” into everything. I do the work for the brands and the people that I feel are most worth it!
GB:   As you know, we are such huge fans of your client and friend Melanie Martinez from The Voice. Can you tell us a bit more about your relationship with her and how you met?
GF:     The fates have been extremely kind to me in my life, and I have been “blessed” with the opportunity to get to know some absurdly talented and wonderful people. A year or so back I got a Facebook message from a photographer on Long Island that went by “Little Body Big Heart” (aka Melanie Martinez) about her interest having me model for conceptual portraits for her portfolio. At this point in time, I was getting quite a few of these types of messages. Due to the fact that modeling is not my forte (it’s a VERY challenging craft, and I have the utmost respect for real full-time signed models), I often said no. But, after looking at her work, I was hopelessly suckered in. Melanie’s photography has that special ability of taking you to a magical place. Her pictures manage to let you know exactly how she felt at that particular moment as an artist living inside a dream-like fantasy world. So I hesitantly said “yes” to modeling for her, a complete stranger, and after a long period of time tossing dates back and forth, we finally united and coducted our photoshoot. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, Melanie was right in the beginning of her experience with “The Voice”. And from there, we have been friends and had a great working relationship ever since!
Drum Cymbal Necklace
GB:  We know you have some Graffiti Beach items in your closet! Which is your favorite and why? GF: As flaunted on my Instagram, I totally love the black backless Kovey one-piece swim! It’s entirely sexy and classy all at the same time! And it meets my #1 criteria, of course, it’s black! The swim also inspires me to keep on top of my workout regimen for sure J. Thank you so much for your interest in interviewing me! This was a blast! Writing by Owner of Graffiti Beach, Melanie Michaud Photos by Alanna Becker - Styling by Gina Frey For more info about Gina Frey visit her website at

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