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Clean Water at Your Fingertips!

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Last year we had the pleasure of being introduced to the Gobie water bottle. Essentially it is a hand held water bottle with a filtering system and squeeze functionality so that you have access to filtered water anywhere you go. We thought this concept was fantastic and immediately jumped on board to carry this product in our store and online.

gobie water bottle

Well, it was no suprise to us that other people noticed how awesome this water bottle was as well! Gobie was recently featured on ABC's hit TV series, Shark Tank and happened to get funded by one of the sharks, Daymond, who offered them $300k for 40% of their company.

Gobie on Shark Tank

The latest company that Gobie caught the attention of was none other than FedEx! We had the pleasure of filming with Gobie and FedEx for a commercial that aired on FedEx's YouTube channel which already has over 15,000 views in just a month! If you go to the 2 minute mark, you will see Gobie inside Graffiti Beach.

We now offer 6 colors in the Gobie bottle, each retail for only $29.95. Check out the full Gobie collection on our website - CLICK HERE and stay hydrated in style!

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