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Knot Sisters Emerging in Style

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Brand: Knot Sisters
Launched: Summer 2013
Owners: Cheryl Brubaker and Jamie Reese
Based: Orange County, Ca
Interviewer: Melanie Michaud, Owner of Graffiti Beach

Now available at Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

Graffiti Beach recently discovered a new women's line that is making their mark in the fashion industry. Typically when checking out a new line there are one or two amazing pieces but these girls have their acts together. Almost every piece is innovative, cool and an easy-to-wear staple you would want in your closet. Amazed by their unique and wearable collection, the first thing I asked was...where did these girls come from? Sure enough they are no strangers to the fashion industry. With backgrounds at the surf industry's biggest brands - Roxy, Billabong and Volcom, no wonder these ladies know their stuff! Check out our exclusive interview with Knot Sisters' owners Cheryl Brubaker and Jamie Reese.

GRAFFITI BEACH: Tell us about the masterminds behind Knot Sisters...full names, where did you ladies grow up?

CHERYL BRUBAKER: I was born and raised in California from Carlsbad, North County San Diego. JAMIE REESE: I was born and raised in Northern Utah. I moved to Southern California after finishing high school.

GB: Where did you work prior to starting Knot Sisters?

CB: I started my career at Roxy / Quiksilver, where I met Jamie in 1998, then went on to work for Volcom and Billabong. JR: I also started my career at Roxy / Quiksilver. Then went on to Volcom, August Accessories / Split, followed by 4 years of freelance design.

GB: What inspired you to take the leap and start your own company?

CB: Jamie and I both wanted to do something different outside the surf industry, and the opportunity arose for us to work together on this project. The progression wasn't so black and white, like let’s start our own brand…it just sort of evolved into becoming a brand.

Knot Sisters 1  

GB: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

CB: I think the biggest challenge is managing all the little things that come with starting a new business and balancing the time to design and be creative.

GB: What was your inspiration for this year's collections?

CB: We always stick to our personal style and think of what we would want to wear most at that moment. I would describe my style as a little disheveled and a little polished. We find inspiration from our surroundings, music, people, friends, tumblr and social media. JR: One of us has to love each piece. Sometimes we are into different styles but each piece always stems from something we want to wear. We are our target customer.

Knot Sisters 2  

GB: Do you have a favorite piece from the Spring '13 collection?

CB: My favorite pieces are the Knot Sisters Tee in Faded Black; the fabric is so soft and it goes with everything! The Crochet tops are Amaze!

JR: The Kate Top is a great top with great graphics. I also really like the Back Bone Top. The fabric feels great and the top easy to dress down with cut-offs or dress up with high-waist jeans and heels.

GB: What can we expect to see this Fall?

CB: Ahh, Fall can't come soon enough!!  Fall has a lot of great pieces. The Metro Bomber has such a cool unique fabric! We all love the Mesa Moto Jacket in Olive too, so (we are) pretty excited about both jackets. We have a lot of great knits and the Broadway Button up and the Jac Trouser with the suspenders are going to be showstoppers!

JR: We played with a lot of texture for Fall, giving each piece unique twists.

Knot Sisters 3

GB: Any tips you can give to fashionistas that aspire to start their own collections?

CB: You never know until you try, trust your gut, and know it is a lot of work, but totally worth it.

JR: Make sure you love what you do and are willing to make sacrifices. It is always more work than you imagine, but if you stick to your goals great things can happen. The Knot Sisters Spring '13 just arrived at our store this week! Stop by and check out this amazing collection. You won't be disappointed!

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