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Dressed in Yesteryear: Fleet Collection

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Imagine that feeling that overwhelms you while gazing through an old family photo album hidden deep within a time-worn attic. Every page, delicate from age yet sturdy with craftsmanship familiar to days gone by, is dripping with enchanting nostalgia. Sepia-tinged photographs, like miniature time portals, offer a glance into a moment frozen and unchanged by the passing years. Vacations. A wedding. Well-dressed, sophisticated people smile back from the pages and unknowingly inspire another generation. Somewhere between a walk down memory lane and a stroll along the Champs-Élysées is where you will find Fleet Collection. The line is comprised of whisper-soft Georgette Crepe fabrics, cleverly placed bows and pleats, and a mix of both crisp lines and romantic draping. Each piece is a statement on its own yet never detracts from the wearer’s own natural beauty.

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 “We design things we would want to wear ourselves while ensuring the garments are comfortable, wearable and practical for women,” explains co-owner Eileen Chai of the company’s philosophy. The versatile pieces are fitting for everyday wear but are a far cry from being nondescript or casual. Each hand-finished item is an excuse to dress up and make an ordinary day absolutely remarkable. “We want Fleet Collection items to be that go-to dress in the closet.”

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Their designs are a nod to the days of handwritten love letters and the warm hum of a vinyl record. “I think what Fleet really excels at is highlighting an element of vintage, such as a 1940s-inspired illusion neckline, and creating a balanced design that’s feminine, sophisticated and at the same time modern,” says Chai. The creations draw from that once-loved but since-forgotten feeling, like a vintage find tucked away in the corner of an obscure thrift shop. But while Fleet Collection achieves an unmistakable sense of familiarity and unison among the collection, it does so without predictability. “Our creative process is very organic and I believe that is reflected in the garments,” she says. The full story about Fleet Collection will be released next week in the Summer 2013 Issue of Graffiti Beach Magazine. You can shop Fleet Collection on our website - CLICK HERE Written by Crystal Washington // Copy Edited by Christine Pasalo

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