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Luxury at the Beach: PilyQ

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“ViX Swimwear is a household name for the swimwear industry. One of the key components that have made the brand successful—aside from the amazing designs—is their marketing,” says Michaud. “Well, [PilyQ] co-owner Amber Delecce was the VP of ViX and the mastermind behind their marketing. She ventured off a couple years ago to team up with Pily [Queipo] to start a line that has equally amazing designs and marketing!”

PilyQ Swimwear

PilyQ designs would fit in quite nicely amongst the jet-set crowd. The sensual, sophisticated pieces are what you might wear while lounging under a breezy cabana, sipping sangria under the Mediterranean sun. Once the sun sets, all you’d need to do is throw on a chic cover up and continue the party with the beautiful people at a posh seaside nightclub.

PilyQ on Couch

“No one can deny that PilyQ features wearable and sexy bikinis on some of the world's hottest swimwear models,” Michaud continues. After mastering the art of sexiness in swimwear form, the brand branched out to offer off-the-beach resort wear, footwear and even children’s swimsuits. The brand has received publicity from models and celebrities adorned in their styles, from Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria in their famed sandals to Kendra Wilkinson and Audrina Patridge in their sexy suits. PilyQ is one of four emerging swimwear brands that was chosen to be featured in Graffiti Beach's Summer Issue. This brand will also be introduced at Graffiti Beach's store and online ( An exclusive interview from Co-Owner Amber Deleece will be featured in this next issue. Make sure to get your copy!

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Written by Crystal Washington, Edited by Christine Pasalo

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