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Origami Echoes: Mademoiselle Maurice

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Mademoiselle Maurice is one of our featured Unconventional Street Artists that will be debuted in Graffiti Beach Magazine's LIMITED EDITION STREET ART ISSUE Learn more and get your copy - CLICK HERE Written by Erik Cardona With street art becoming more alive and present to the world around us, the schism between human beings and their environment has new opportunity to mend. Mademoiselle Maurice, a 28-year-old Paris-based artist, echoes this sentiment through her street art exhibits. An origami specialist, Mademoiselle Maurice seeks out the open air confines of the street for some of her more provocative pieces. The extended freedom allows her creativity to blossom far beyond the quaint quarters of her small studio workplace. Using a myriad of contrasting colors opposite dull, stagnant structural city pieces, Mademoiselle Maurice draws her audience into a world overlooked. By blending beauty and drear, she strengthens the link between nature and the individuals who form the human network we frequent every day.

Madmoiselle MauriceMademoiselle MauriceMademoiselle MauriceMademoiselle MauriceMademoiselle MauriceMademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice is one of our Global Street Artists from France that will be featured in Graffiti Beach's Street Art Issue.

Click hereCopy Editor: Christine Pasalo Find out more about Mademoiselle Maurice HERE

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