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The stand-apart philosophies behind skate-inspired brands Mukee Design and The Continuous Line From writer Emma Michaelson's eyes... I had an early lust for streetwear. A desire to stand out at a young age was only further inspired by my older brother and his decade-long obsession with skateboarding. Call it a phase or my way of trying to fit in with a crowd that I clearly didn’t belong to, but I began to dress the part of a sponsored rider.

Skateboarder Amee Jay Papalera

The market at that time was mostly tailored for men, so the lines that carried women’s clothing were generally picked over and maintained a rather basic fitted selection. I didn’t let my lack of choices deter me from belonging to this culture, though. I worked with what I had and borrowed the rest of my attire from my brother’s wardrobe.


Fashion has always been about self-expression. Some of the most innovative trends have stemmed from an attitude of wanting to break the mold and push boundaries. Recently, though, the most replicated and sought-after trends reflect a more carefree and active form of self-expression.

Left to Right: Tyriece Bovain - Tee by Continuous, Button up by Jedidiah, Watch by Swae, Tyle Aghas - Hat by Yellow 108, Tee by Continous, Skateboard  Belt Buckle by Mukee

To read this full article and hear the fashion point of view from our featured skateboarders: Amee Jay Papalera, Tyler Aghas and Tyriece Bovain, please get your copy of the magazine.


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All merchandise can be found at Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca. Select items are also available online at A special thanks to Continuous for letting us feature their sponsored skateboarders. To learn more about them CLICK HERE Photos by Lee Wall, Photo Assistant Ricardo Cuevas, Copy editing by Christine Pasalo, Styling by Samia Lavenant, Hair/MU by Andreia Hurley

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