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Why Neoclassics’ Richard Bao gave up investment portfolios for lookbooks "Whether you’re bound by habit, money or stereotypes, make sure you tune everything out and march to the beat of your own drum.” These words jump out from the archives of Richard Bao’s blog for his brand Neoclassics. He had recently leaped into this lifestyle for himself, leaving white-collar stability behind in order to branch out as a designer.


“I started in April 2010 while I was still working in the finance industry as a private banker/investment consultant,” Bao says. “Clocking in day and night in a suit and tie just wasn't doing it for me anymore. The money was good and life was comfortable but my mind was on cruise control. I was completely bored.  Ever since I was a kid I've always been sketching and a student of art, so I figured I'd go back to my roots and give it a shot as a lifestyle.”


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Written by Kallah Oakes, Edited by Christine Pasalo

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