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Decorating a Tree is Not Just for Christmas Time!

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Stephen Duneier is an ambitious Californian that is not afraid to try anything at least once. Like many others, Duneier set some big goals for his New Year’s Resolutions this past year ( While resolutions typically revolve around self-improvement, Duneier made the decision to have a positive impact on people around the globe. “I’m looking for quirky, seemingly difficult things that most people marvel at, yet could be accomplished if you just make an effort and have the discipline and tenacity to stick with it,” Duneier says. Graffiti Beach’s favorite of Duneier’s 12 resolutions was to Yarn Bomb a famous Eucalyptus tree in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Santa Barbara Yarn Bomb

Duneier realized he could not knit fast enough to create this installation on his own, so he sent word out to knitters around the world to help with his resolution. His message was heard loud and clear and knitters were happy to support his mission. An entire community of supporters came together in Santa Barbara on Friday, June 8th, 2012 with almost 400 square feet of knitted yarn. The group hiked 2.5 miles to this prestigious eucalyptus tree that deemed worthy of such an ambitious mission. There, all the volunteers proceeded to wrap the tree and little by little, their quilt started coming to life. After much hard work, the tree beamed with remarkable bright colors, clearly an inspiration to anyone that set foot in its path. Duneier’s goal was to bring attention to “the beauty of the trails, art for art’s sake and the benefits of a purely analog activity in a digital world.”

Santa Barbara Yarn Bomb

Vibrant colors were wound upon this astounding tree, sure to brighten anyone’s dull day and remind them that a little yarn can go a long way. Not only did Stephen and the volunteers benefit from this by gaining a new experience, but after the artwork was taken down, the knitted yarn was donated to Warm Up America, a nonprofit organization with the purpose of making blankets, hats, and scarves to individuals in need. Bravo Stephen, you definitely inspired us here at Graffiti Beach! In fact, we were so inspired that your project will be featured alongside several outstanding street artists around the globe in our Street Art Issue!



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Photos by Kolya Hicker and Supporters Around the Globe Written by Genesis Canal

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