The Multimedia Artists: KREASHUN

Posted: Mar 09 2013

“Wasn’t the first time at Claire de Lune?” asked Jason Feather, aka JFeather, to Monty Montgomery. The artists, known in the art scene as Kreashun, were seated in the part lobby, part studio of JFeather’s in the City Heights community of San Diego. Together, they’ve created multimedia installations since 2010 but began going by their group name in the summer of 2011. Examples of their work, which are branded “Kreashun,” can be seen in a mural on Gunn Street at the 30th Street intersection in North Park (the same mural that Gloria “Glow” Muriel contributed to) and in the stairwell leading down to the entrance of Vin De Syrah in Downtown. At the moment, JFeather and Monty were trying to remember the first time they formally introduced themselves to each other.

Thrusters Lounge, San Diego

“Yeah, we just ran into each other in the coffee line, I think, three years ago,” confirmed Monty. “He recognized my tattoo,” JFeather said as he turned his left arm to show me a feather in grayscale lying amongst red roses on his forearm. “Then we started crossing paths more through shows and mutual friends,” said Monty. Eventually, JFeather was asked to curate art for Thread, a travelling pop-up fashion show, in 2010 and he asked Monty if he would be interested in showing art at the event. Eager to have something going on besides a gallery, JFeather decided to paint live over the course of the one-day show. “I think I did it once and then I asked Monty, ‘I need to do a 20-foot wall. Can you help me out? We’ll do it together,’” JFeather recalled. “We’ve done every show together since.”

Project MVMNT, Las Vegas

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  Article written by Christine Pasalo

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  • Posted by graffitibeach on April 28, 2014

    Thanks for the shout out! We will be in touch:)

  • Posted by Fernando on April 28, 2014

    Check out Monty’s mini online documentary @ – Quick shot of him doing his thing at ur place in San Diego. Lets collaborate and bring some of those awesome still fashion shots from your mag to life (#fashionfilm)! Cheers @GraffitiBeach!

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