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The Purist: Dave Persue

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If you’ve walked or driven south on Fern Street just past the Juniper Street intersection in San Diego, you may have spotted her: a gray cat with green eyes and thick eyelashes dressed in a white bunny jumpsuit. She’s lying in a field awash in a colorful haze through which steely graffiti letters pop out. You may not be able to read what’s written, but she’s as clear as day. Her name is Bunny Kitty and her maker is Dave Persue.

Bunny Kitty

Mural across the street from Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego. Collab with Persue, Reyes and Steel.[/caption] Persue (pronounced “per-sway”) helped set the scene in San Diego for the purist form of street art: graffiti. Introduced to the art form through San Diego’s Filipino hip-hop community, he started painting decades before the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” turned the masses on to graffiti, back in 1988 when store owners were prone to view spray painted lettering as a blight on property. And, oh yeah: He hails from a planned community in San Diego’s North County.

Collab Mural in Hollywood by Persue and Rime.

The full article about Dave Persue will be featured in our Summer issue.

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Written by Christine Pasalo, Main image by Alli Bautista

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