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Game On: Mr Benja

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Introducing the video game inspired art of Mr Benja In today’s world of hyper technology and electronic social connectivity, mixed media artist Mr Benja invites us in to a tactile, tangible, non-virtual world to remember what it’s like to play and wonder.

mario-is-the-heroThrough paint, print and plastic, Mr Benja’s collage compositions give us permission and space to toggle between fantasy and reality by layering the visual and social world of games with images from our collective cultural past and everyday lives. His simple motivation: the desire to create new ways of bringing people together in play.

Mr Benja

Drawing from a lifetime of experience playing, making and then programming games, Mr Benja keeps this motivation in mind because, as he explains, making something people can touch forces them to interact outside of a gaming console; the art becomes the conduit between reality and the world of possibility. For the full featured story about Mr Benja, please order a pre-sale copy of our magazine.

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  Article written by Sophia F. McLane, Copy Editing by Christine Pasalo

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