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Geeking Out With Fo Porter

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Model Fo Porter had just turned 19 when she appeared on “America's Next Top Model.” Like most people beginning their careers just out of high school, Fo had no idea where her life would take her. She only knew what was in front of her and somehow a reality show and a modeling career became part of the equation, giving her previously unscripted life a direction. Now 23, Fo is still in the modeling game and having the time of her life! We got to know Fo beyond ANTM and, as it turns out, she’s the woman we all wish we could be—or at least could be friends with! Crazy-fun and refreshingly geeky, Fo shares with us her life as both a model and a geek girl.

Fo Porter

Graffiti Beach: You were in ANTM Cycle 12 in 2009. Since then, you’ve been in TV spots and print campaigns. How do you feel about the path you’ve been on since the show?

Fo Porter: I wouldn't necessarily call it a path but a roller coaster ride! From growing up in the slums of Albuquerque, NM, living in a trailer with my mom and little brother, to being flown to Vegas, NYC, and Brazil for ANTM, I’m experiencing a whole new world I never even imagined existed! It’s been beautiful.

Fo Porter

GB: How would you say you’ve grown as a model and a person since 2009?

FP: Pshhhh!! I’m a completely different person from the girl the audience watched every week on ANTM. I’m stronger with criticism, more independent, and I know what and who I want to be in life: simply happy. I remember my first shoot after ANTM and how scared and driven to please I was. Now I find myself pairing with young girls at their first shoot, working with them in a way that I had wished a fellow model had worked with me. I pass it on because I know they’re probably just as scared as I was on that first shoot. I’d like to think I have a good strong head on my shoulders. I know what's good and what a “no-no” is now. As I progress, I’ll develop and flourish. There's no telling where I’ll go!

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Interview by Eileen Doñiego de France, Copy Editing by Christine Pasalo, Photos by Lucas Passmore, Styling by Blaire Babyak, Hair and Makeup by Giovanna Avila, Soreya Yann and Aliana Moss, Special Thanks to Fo Porter and Nous Modeling Agency

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