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Posted: Mar 04 2013

Yarn Install by Crochet Grenade to Promote: Graffiti Beach’s Print is Not Dead Campaign


Yarn as street art? For some reason when I think about knitting and transformative street art, an image of a grandma sitting in a rocking chair sipping tea comes to mind. How can a craft or hobby normally reserved for elderly and do-it-yourselfers, explode into a huge platform for street art? y9Zjz8MooQDNM4WItojudYTfQ7EraDfkxcKsJnCOsck,_R6g9twRhn_GxX2WC97uqWbJfF3b1c5yePj8VE3RDlk Graffiti Beach recently teamed up with Marcy Kraft of Crochet Grenade, who aims to change the world one yarn-bombing project at a time, to create an installation in front of our store on 2220 Fern St., San Diego.  This three day installation final wrapped up yesterday evening (Sunday, march 3rd) and has been turning heads ever since. We chose to bring yarn-bombing to our store front and our lovely South Park neighborhood, as a part of an effort to raise money to print our Unconventional Street Art Issue of Graffiti Beach Magazine. Our magazine is based on highlighting emerging creative’s around the globe in order to give them a voice and a place to showcase their talents. The mission of our magazine is to create an advertisement free publication that puts the power of design and creativity back into the artist’s hands. This is more than just a magazine, it is a carefully crafted soft book filled with rich imagery and content that acts as an avenue of inspiration as well as creative freedom. RCxn_wdgBOKTLvpClXy13p6Vb5m9SJ_-E9Wsj42fSCM,zuXVLT5OFio_MH3N5RA3W0fop9MCn8caPsndBCIWg_c

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Photos and Article by Corrinne Bollendorf

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