Let's Hammer it Out!

Posted: Feb 27 2013

Accessorizing with vintage rings, earrings, and bracelets is not only a fun way to add spark and flair to your fashion but is also a way to wear a piece of history! Goat & Kettle takes wearing a piece of history to the next level by hand hammering 1900's era antique keys into rings and bracelets! Each key has it’s own door, closet and story to unlock! If you are wearing a crafted Goat & Kettle ring, you are wearing the past. Maybe the key unlocked the backdoor to a speakeasy, or perhaps the front door to an old bakery or a famous artist’s studio…let your imagination run wild.


This quirky shop popped up about two years ago when founder Justin Marsh was on a mission to find his wife the perfect gift with a personal touch from an Amish flea market. Marsh was intrigued by a Tomato crate full of old mid 1900’s rings that had aged engravings and patina finishes, and thought that he could hammer out a funky piece of jewelry with his grandfather’s help. After a few failed attempts in his grandfather’s garage, he managed to re-purpose the key into an amazing ring.


To shop and learn more about the process used to make the key jewelry, click here. Written by Corrinne Bollendorf  

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