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TOAST: Bad A$$ Design with Function and Attitude

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TOAST believes that both natural materials and technology can be combined to create uniquely crafted products that harmonize the 21st century with the natural world.


Industrial designer Matias Brecher founded TOAST in 2011 with the concept that natural products enhance our lives, and with a little ingenuity, can be incorporated into our daily routine. TOAST, located and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, does this by constructing technology accessories out of real wood with laser etched graphics.


TOAST’s iPhone and iPad coverings are great for making an environmental statement while functioning as a sturdy protective case and/or decal. 1% of TOAST’s profits are donated to environmental non-profits, as well as using only renewable energy during production! Another great add-on that TOAST offers is the option of customizing the accessory of your choice with text and artwork of your choosing. Graffiti Beach is now carrying TOAST’s wooden iPhone 4 and 5 decal covers online and in our store located at 2220 Fern Street in South Park San Diego, Ca. Check out our online shop to see what we have in stock! Written by Corrinne Bollendorf  

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