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Graffiti Beach Event Re-cap: Coretta Scott a Short Story

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Just in time to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in San Diego, last Friday Graffiti Beach put on a hip-hop show promoting the release of local rapper Real J Wallace’s new Coretta Scott EP.


The night started out with Danny Nguyen a.k.a Winter Inter mixing up funky jams and mood music on the turntables while photographer Ukeim showcased one of his latest series of photographs printed on canvas. With complementary craft beers in hand, Graffiti Beach had a great turnout of over 40 people who RSVP and showed their support for this exclusive event.


To get things started, a special guest performance by Presto, who had a smooth voice with some chill rhythms, got the crowd settled in. Shortly after Real J Wallace stepped up and performed a couple of older songs from his past mixtapes and also new songs from his Coretta Scott EP to kick off the celebration of MLK day. Also in attendance was Bam Circa 86 who performs with Real J Wallace as Brother Nature.


We want to thank everyone for coming out and showing their support for this event, check out the video HERE! Article and Photos by Corrinne Bollendorf

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