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DENY Designs: Art to Order

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DE- Lovely, DE-Lightful, and DE-vine:  We’re DE-liriously infatuated with DENY Designs and Dustin Edward NYhus, the namesake behind DENY Designs. Prepare to be inspired in your living space. Why just hang art, when you can sleep on it and shower with it?!?

Artwork by Kris Tate

Artwork by Kris Tate[/caption] De- N E W: Ideas and Artists Meet DENY Designs, or rather the man behind DENY, get to know DENY from a glimpse into the life and journey of Dustin Nyhus, the little Denver acorn that he was, and the gorgeous tree that Deny has become. He is the orchard farmer folks…and the artists he supports are like rare and beautiful trees creating a kaleidoscope of color in a world of cold pixilation.


Graffiti Beach (GB): On the company site you describe DENY as “a small passionate group of people whose right sides of the brain dominates their left sides” as well as people who “want to create and be visionaries”. Tell me about the battle of the right vs. left hemisphere…

Dustin: Yeah, it’s definitely a battle. We’ve got A.D.D. like nobody’s business around here. We just want to be engulfed in design all the time. DENY, at the core, is about supporting the artists and the art community throughout the world. Everyone is passionate about building the future here. We have over 2,500 pieces of art from 80 artists around the world.


Artwork by Kris Tate

 GB: It sounds like DENY’s concept is really focused on building a symbiotic relationship with the artists. How does DENY connect with these creatives?

Dustin: We are absolutely 100% about a partnership with the artist. With each purchase from the Gallery, our team of talented artists earn part of the proceeds, enabling DENY to support art communities all over the world. I feel like now is the best time to be an artist. You can actually make a substantial living nowadays. As far as connecting, sometimes DENY reaches out to individuals, but the most direct way to start is on the site at There is a ‘Join Us!’ tab. Every single person at DENY is involved in contributing their thoughts on the artwork that is featured. We take in 300 applications at a time and we click on every single submission, every single image, every single time.

GB: Sounds like a lot of work. What is the response time for artists who submit via the site?

Dustin: Within 2 weeks we get back to the artist with a response if it seems like it would be a good fit. We are always looking out for new ideas, new art - anything new! DENY only features non-competing work. We are really careful about selecting styles and approaches that don’t compete with each other and are equally amazing in their own right. We want to reach out and be with the artists throughout the entire process. DENY is there as a partner while making the visions work on the products.

To read the full interview with Dustin from DENY Designs, flip to page 20 in our Holiday 2012 Magazine:

DENY Designs is also available at Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca and online at Article by Brianna Van Ness

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