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The WOW of Native Honey

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Style is all about expression. Though our clothes do not define who we are, what we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it is a great indicator of our personalities.  Because of this, we are always on the constant search for clothes and accessories that will "wow" us. One brand that truly understands the “wow factor” is Native Honey.  Like people, each bag has a style and design unlike any other. Each piece is uniquely handmade from carefully selected recycled fabric remnants, allowing each owner to feel wowed.


From yoga bags, to totes, to clutches - Native Honey has a colorful array of fabric and leather swatches that are designed and crafted to create bags for any occasion. The line of bags is not overbearing, but instead is most definitely eye-catching with beautiful simplicity. This unique balance is the type of “wow” that comes from the thoughtful creative process of owner and creator Kelly Jackson. “I am a sucker for a great textured leather. I am always looking for new fabrics and textures that will continue to give Native Honey originality and keep customers coming back for more,” says Jackson. “We use recycled fabric and leather remnants so it can be tricky finding that ‘wow’ we know customers are looking for. But when we do, it makes the bags that much more original.” To help create that originality, Jackson partnered up with Adrian Villanueva to help with the luxury bags. Referred to as “The Magic Man,” due to his eye for detail, Villanueva works with Jackson on designing and sewing for Native Honey. Together they shape the brand and work to achieve their mission of creating eco-friendly bags that are unique and special to women. “We are always working toward designing what women want and what is practical,” she says. “Keeping our product eco-friendly and at an affordable price is a challenge, but something we take seriously.”


This dedication of creating handbags that customers will truly love is not the only thing that makes Native Honey a “wow” brand. Their thoughtful consideration for style and environment also spans to the community. Part of their mission is to also help improve the world by donating a portion of the proceeds of Native Honey to charities all over the world. “Being a mom, I participate in many school and PTA donations,” says Jackson about her interest in giving back. “[Native Honey] has donated to breast cancer foundations and auctions for homeless fundraisers in Orange County. All organizations need all the help they can get. If I have it to give, I try to pay it forward as much as possible.” To read more about Native Honey, please flip to page 61 in our 2012 Holiday Issue:

Native Honey is available at Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca 92104, Article written by Eileen Doniego de France

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