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Fire in the Hamptons

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Scratchy and electronic sounds mesh together in a dreamy melody of late nights and first loves. Band Name: Fire in the Hamptons Based out of: Los Angeles Music Type: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Electronic (kind of sound Foster the People with some MGMT and Phoenix )


L.A. based indie band Fire in the Hamptons sounds like the bratty love child of Phoenix and MGMT - similar tones but with a younger and smarter attitude. Their self-titled debut album F.I.T.H takes the listener on a journey through the streets of buzzing L.A. all the way to the back roads of Joshua Tree. They have struck indie genius with their single titled “Stargazer.” Lead singer Zack Arnett a.k.a “Zboy” started the musical concept of Fire in the Hamptons with the idea of making one song and see where it would lead. They were so pleased with their first single that they decided to make a record out of it, with the help of co-writer and producer Bert Selen.  Thus, Fire in the Hamptons was born. Arnett, originally from Northern California, has lived in L.A. for ten years and says he started working on the album F.I.T.H. about two and a half years ago. The album was released earlier this year and since then the band has been touring and rehearsing non-stop as they try to make their name known.


Fire in the Hamptons has evolved from the inspired idea of a few into a full on band. This group is made up of a sweet bearded drummer named Aaron Bilyeu a.k.a. “ABSK”, Ian Dowd a.k.a “Values” on lead guitar, Emvy Venti on synth/ piano and of course Zack Arnett as lead singer. Surprisingly the band also has some California hip-hop roots due to Zack Arnett’s collaboration in a five-man hip-hop collective called Ostrich Head as the Emcee. Listening to a little bit of Ostrich Head, immediately one is able to tell how Zack’s hip-hop background has influenced Fire in the Hamptons. Because of his background, up-tempo flowing beats that have both energy and chill have found their way into the music.


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Written by Corrinne Bollendorf

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