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The problem with artists is well, we're artists.  Creators, innovators, originators all suffer from the same syndrome.  We're all half-brains – with an intense focus on the right hemisphere.  We don't balance checkbooks, we get lost with GPS, and we wear Tom's shoes because laces confuse us.  But throw us a guitar pick and a typewriter and we'll give you 'Stairway' and 'Catcher in the Rye'.   We notoriously fail to have our cake, and eat it too. Of course, there's always the exception.


Graffiti Beach's featured, and first, 'Paper Artist,' loves to have her cake.  One of the top 50 in the world in her craft, Jackie's artistry flows back and forth between her Corpus Callosum, producing an art form both imaginative and fundamentally sound.  "My first paper project was actually an origami kit.  I knew creativity was an important component to it, but I was surprised to learn just how much the theory of it is rooted in math." Though Jackie's left hemisphere appreciated the calculated precision origami offered, her right side was stifled by its inelasticity.  So she immediately began to reuse the instructions - bending rules where she could provide her own touch and sense of self.  "My creations are very much a balancing act between engineering and art.  But the balance is never 50/50.  One has to be dominant over the other.  It may be different every time, but like a dance, or any good relationship, only one can lead at a time."


To read more about Jackie, read our Holiday 2012 Magazine and flip to page 14:  Written by Erik Cardona

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  • Apr 28, 2014

    gorgeous work! i am a big fan of paper art and her work is quite lovely :)

    — kristen | Havok Designs

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